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The Speech & Language department supports students with communication difficulties by providing assessments, reports, programming, and consultation for staff and parents. The focus is on speech articulation and fluency (how we produce sounds and connect them to form words), receptive language (how we understand and process language), expressive language (how we put our thoughts and ideas into words that make sense to others), Augmentative and Alternative Communication (communication used to supplement or replace speech for those with impairments).

Useful Resources

The following links are provided as a resource to support parents, caregivers, teachers and support staff in the development of speech and language in children.

Articulation Handout
Communication Strategies
Developing Early Language Skills
Helping Stimulate Language
Phonological Awareness – Building Early Literacy
Working With Reluctant Speakers
How to Identify A Child Needing Speech
Building Vocabulary

If you have any questions about our Speech-Language Pathology department, please visit the Team section of our website for e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and other contact information.