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22 February 2017

First Nations’ Languages and Perspectives Kejick Bay Visit


On February 22 & 23, four native language/cultural teachers from the KO communities traveled to Kejick Bay to meet with the student retention teacher/coordinator, Mark Kendall. As part of the retention and cultural component, Mr. Kendall runs an outdoor education program at Waninitawingaang Memorial School.

Spider Outdoors is an educational adventure. The goal is to assist educators in delivering relevant and unique outdoor projects, lesson plans and cultural training to students of all ages. It is the program’s hope to share ideas with educators to help them feel confident in teaching outdoor skills. The students become engaged and learn so many interesting things in a hands-on environment. (Lori Kendall)

The native language/cultural teachers had an opportunity to observe Mr. Kendall deliver his lessons and to see how he engages his students with hands on activities by considering the students’ background, prior knowledge, and experiences.

The program is respectful in that it presents learning materials that are congruent and relevant to all learners. It serves as a building block in the development of reciprocal learning, relations and responsibility embedded the seven grandfather teachings.

By Anna-Marie Kakegamic